Instructions for sauna and ice hole

Thank you for booking the sauna! Here is some information for your bath:

IMPORTANT! To prevent ice from forming over the ice hole, a de-icer or underwater propeller is installed that hangs on a stand on the deep side of the hole. Please note that the de-icer should NOT be unplugged while bathing in the hole!

Begin by removing the ash from the sauna stove, which is the door at the very bottom that you pull out. Empty the ash into the metal bin and take it outside.

Inside the plastic box in the sauna, you’ll find matches, a lighter, and a knife. To light the sauna, start by putting some birch bark pieces, then cut a few thin sticks from a log and place them on top of the bark. Light the bark and wait until the fire has caught on the sticks. Now you can start adding larger pieces of wood, a couple of logs at first, and then when those have caught fire, you can fill up the stove. Wood is available on the beach in large white sacks. Please fold the sacks after taking wood so that they don’t get wet if it rains or snows.

Leave the ash door open about 4 cm for good ventilation and faster heating. When you think it’s warm enough, you can close the ash door completely.

If you are new to cold bathing, please check out our information and learn more.

IMPORTANT! Do NOT turn off the de-icer while bathing in the ice hole! This is mainly because the cable for the lighting system is sensitive at the outlet and can easily break.

By the way, feel free to try swimming against the water flow that the de-icer creates. Will you stand still or move forward?

It is prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages that exceed 2.25% alcohol content, as this is a public place. We also ask that you refrain from drinking alcohol in the sauna.

The sauna heater gets very hot, so please do not sit too close to it. Also, make sure that no one goes near the chimney pipe outside the sauna.

Please clean up after yourselves by taking a couple of buckets of water and pouring them on the benches. If a more thorough cleaning is needed, there is liquid soap (=SÅPA) available.

Please leave the doors between the sauna and changing room open and leave the ventilation windows open when you leave the sauna.

Leave the warm ash in the heater, as there is a risk that embers could fall on the floor during removal.

Please report any malfunction or vandalism.

Lock the padlock.